Diplomacy and Allies

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Diplomacy and Allies

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A guild alliance is very simply an agreement to be friendly and helpful towards the allied guild. This includes, but is not limited to, the sharing of information, and no attacks against the allied guild. See below for full details.

1. ABSOLUTELY NO attacks upon allied guild members in regular PvP settings. As we are a non-PvP guild, this should NOT be a problem. In the case of an accidental attack, an apology will be immediately sent, and 1 1/2 times the gold LOST (not gold stolen) will be sent.

2. There will be NO GvG conflicts unless agreed to by both sides. Only those who wish to participate will be hit, all others will be left alone.

3. Relics are exempt from attack rules, and can be attempted freely, and without prior agreement.

4. If clearing a bounty on an allied guild member, only 10 stam hits will be allowed. In addition, any gold taken will be returned, and the reward (if won) will be split.
a) As we are non-PvP, delevelling parties will be at the individuals descretion, and exempt from our no-PvP rules. The information on the target should be sent to the allied guilds founder, including the reason for the party, and will be shared with the guild. Those who wish to help are free to join in.

5. NO recruiting from an allied guild. If an invite was ever sent to an allied player, please tell the persons founder, as it will save trouble down the road.
a) If a player from an allied guild wishes to join, please inform their founder and include the logs. If there is a valid reason for the move, such as internal strife, both founders should be agreeable, and this will not violate the terms.
b) Any player leaving an allied guild on their own, will be exempt from this rule, and treated like any other homeless player.

6. Information on kicked members will be shared between the founders. In the case of theft or other serious infractions, screen shots and logs must be included. Guild members who leave on their own can be included in this if they seek entrance to an allied guild, especially if they were a bad or less than desirable guild member. This does not mean the person can not be accepted by an allied guild, but forewarned is forearmed.

7. Free or reduced price buffs for an allied guild mate. This will be the individual buffers choice. Guild members must identify themselves as being in an allied guild, ask politely, and follow the buffers individual rules. No one has to participate, but those who do, are urged to state their allied buff rules in their bios.

8. Absolutely NO BEGGING from an allied guild. This includes asking for loans.

9. Allies should list each other in their guild bios, or websites. These shall remain until the alliance has ended, or the guild disbands.

10. Allied guild members MUST be polite and respectful when dealing with each other. Always identify yourself as from an allied guild when asking for any help or information.

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